Project Assessment Tool

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation, in advocating for projects and opportunities for economic development, are always interested to know more about projects that are proposed across our region. With so many great opportunities in our region, we have created a Project Assessment Tool that helps us to evaluate the project, it’s impact and the support it has already received to best see where and how we can offer support.

The Project Assessment Tool below will take some time to complete, so please do not rush it as the information is extremely useful to Northern Tasmania Development Corporation. The information will be treated in confidence, so please provide relevant documents and notes to support the assessment of your application to best engage with NTDC and our key stakeholders across the region.

Note: There is a ‘Save and Continue Later’ option at the end of the form if you cannot complete it all in one sitting.

  • Contribution towards Sustainable Economic Growth and Capacity

    Where possible, please attach or provide evidence to support the Project Proponent / Lead Organisation's claim that the project will contribute to each principle.
  • Construction Phase GRP Contribution
  • Operational Phase GRP Contribution (10 Years)
    ROI is relevant to the investor rather than the region. We want to avoid projects which do not deliver investment returns (i.e. fail) because of the consequences.
    Projects need finance (private, public or blended) in order to proceed.
    Refers to catalytic impact of the investment in sparking related investments. Should be included in long term GRP estimates.
    Will be qualitative at pre-assessment phase.
    This is distinct from job numbers – as Human Capital is a key driver of modern economies and a current weakness in our region that needs addressing.
    Builds on region’s environmental assets and value.
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  • Degree of Project Definition

    Select one category only and outline additional details to help with the weighting process.
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  • Level of Community / Stakeholder Support / Social Licence

    At preassessment level this analysis tests the likely existence of (or capacity to develop) a social licence for the project.
    Rank according to the level of support the project has currently.
    Rank according to the level of support the project has currently.
    Rank according to the level of support the project has currently.
    Rank according to the level of support the project has currently.
  • Blended Finance Assessment

    Projects which can be 100% financed by an individual Project Owner are most attractive (as they stand on their merits without any requirement for blended finance solutions). Other projects that have committed funding with two parties or more indicate a good cross-section of business/community support.
  • Readiness to Proceed

  • Link to Strategic Plans

  • Additional Information

    Please provide any additional information that will help with the assessment of the project for Northern Tasmania.
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