NTDC Ltd Board Confirmed

John brings a wealth of experience from his previous Managing Director role with pitt&sherry dating from 1989 through to his retirement last year. As Managing Director he was responsible for the company’s operations with his role centred on growing the business, leadership, strategic planning and the development of a competitive, sustainable company culture.
In addition to this, John was last year’s Gold Medal winner awarded by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and also last year’s Hall of Fame winner awarded by the Launceston Chamber of Commerce.


GREG BOTT – Director: Food and Agribusiness
Greg has had a long and distinguished career in rural banking which has now been exchanged for a self-employed career as a financial consultant to the rural community. His key focus is to build profitability and productivity at farm gate but his greater passion is to help drive the Tasmanian brand to achieve stronger economic returns for the state economy and individual farmers. This passion is to have Tasmania recognized globally for the quality of product produced so that farmers can achieve the premiums they deserve.


LUCY BYRNE – Director: Health
Lucy is an experienced community and health promotion professional and a leader in her field. After growing up on a farm in Fingal, Northern Tasmania, Lucy graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts (Recreation Management) from Victoria University. Lucy jumped straight into the industry finding roles within local government, sports organisations, youth justice and adventure tourism.

In July 2016 Lucy established the start-up company; Healthy Tasmania. Healthy Tasmania works with community partners to build capacity, improve equity and inclusion, and promote pride of place; their motivation is to make communities thrive.


CHRIS GRIFFIN – Director: Tourism
In 2012 Chris was appointed the CEO of Tourism Northern Tasmania, the regional tourism organisation tasked with growing the economic and social returns from visitors to our northern communities. Prior to arriving in Tasmania Chris has worked across the tourism and travel industries both in New Zealand and Tasmania.

Based in Launceston Chris is now more broadly involved in the community and service related industries and believes the future successes for the Northern region rely upon collaboration between industry leaders, local and State government in creating, then collectively following an agreed plan for economic development.


JEFF HAWKINS – Director: Competitive Manufacturing
Dr Jeff Hawkins is the Managing Director of Pivot Maritime International and the Asia Pacific Maritime Institute. Pivot Maritime International specialises in maritime simulation. It is the only Australian company that manufactures maritime simulators; it also provides simulation consultancy and training services for shipowners, ports, maritime regulatory authorities, and regional bodies. The Asia Pacific Maritime Institute conducts maritime research and technical audits in the port and shipping sectors across the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Hawkins began his career as a Ship Master and Marine Superintendent on international trading ships. Since moving ashore, he has focused on strategic innovation, entrepreneurship, and management in the maritime industry. He has 15 years’ experience in competitive manufacturing, with his company, Pivot Maritime International, winning state and national awards for innovative products and services; 9 years in tourism and transport as a Director on the TT Line Board of Directors; and over 25 years in maritime education and training.


SUE KILPATRICK – Director: Education
Professor Sue Kilpatrick is Professor of Education, Faculty of Education with the University of Tasmania. She was previously Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students), University of Tasmania (2012-2015) and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Rural and Regional), Deakin University (2009-2011). Sue’s diverse career in higher education has spanned economics, vocational education and training (VET), regional development, rural education and rural health.

Sue is an active contributor with genuine interest in Tasmania’s future who is passionate about education and training and the future of Tasmania. Her desire to contribute to this future was one of the reasons she returned to Tasmania in 2012.


ADAM MOSTOGL – Director: Entrepreneurship, Start-Up and Innovation
Adam is passionate about embracing creative and innovative solutions to common problems, with experience in retail, heavy industry, tourism, hospitality, and brand management. Since 2010, over 2700 young Australians have undertaken entrepreneurial education programs lead by Adam across the country, which focuses on inspiring students to recognise how they can be the job creators of the future.

Adam is also the Executive Director of the Van Diemen Project, which was recently announced as Tasmania’s Most Innovative Start-up that offers business advice, mentoring and training courses to help more Tasmanian businesses and entrepreneurs do great things globally.