New Data Available for the North

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation Ltd (NTDC) has released a new regional economic model today, with the support of the seven Council Members in the North and North East of Tasmania.

The CEO of NTDC, Maree Tetlow, stated that “the new regional data that will be available for use by businesses, councils, event organiser, and other interested stakeholders, will allow us to consistently assess the value of any proposed projects so they can be prioritised based on their economic value and the number of jobs they will deliver.”

“It also provides fantastic insight to the economics of the region and each local government area. For eg. we can interrogate how many businesses there are in each council area, what sector they operate in and how many jobs are based in those sectors.

“We can feed in key information to the economic impact model to determine what the true economic value of a project will deliver to the region and to each council area. There is also an event impact model that will help event organisers determine the value of their events to the community from an economic and jobs perspective.”

Ms Tetlow expanded that “ this project underlines the new era of collaboration we are experiencing in our region. It proves that with strong regional leadership at all levels, we can work together to achieve better results for our community and encourage more
professionalism in the use of evidence-based decision-making.”

One major result of NTDC negotiating on behalf of the seven councils in the North and North East has delivered a significant discount on the final online platform that each council and the community can access. A key part of why NTDC was restructured and reformed was to ensure that key regional projects can be prioritised within the region. NTDC has developed a project prioritisation methodology that has been agreed by all seven council members. This ensures in the lead-up to a State or Federal election one
set of regional priorities can be provided to the government of the day and the opposition for consideration.

Other information provided by the new platform includes a Community Profile and a Social Atlas that outlines the demographics of each council area and the region as a whole.

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