New NTDC Board Directors Appointed

The Board of Northern Tasmania Development Corporation (NTDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of two new board members following the resignation of Adam Mostogl from the role of Director of Entrepreneurism and Innovation. The two successful candidates are:

Karina Damberges, Director – Small Business

Karina has significant experience business development roles throughout Australia in a range of business from small, family-owned businesses through to large multinational organisations. Karina’s current roles include the General Manager of the Van Diemen Project and Director/cofounder of three regional based businesses in the craft distilling industry.

Karina has a strong focus on growing and building businesses through innovation, collaboration and investment. She believes that regional economic development is not just the responsibility of government and requires active engagement across the local business eco-system and community to achieve common goals.

Adam Poulton, Director – Digital Transformation

Adam is a Businessperson and Entrepreneur with a particular interest in digital futures and how communities can benefit from disruptive technologies. He is an experienced board director who has served with numerous industry and local government organisations, such as Bitcoin Association of Australia, Blockchain, The Future Group and TasICT.

Most recently, Adam has been instrumental in the promotion of bitcoin and its benefits to the broader Australian population, including advocacy to the Federal Government and its agencies in getting bitcoin treated in a fair and equitable manner throughout the relevant regulatory framework.

NTDC is excited by the prospect of working with both Karina and Adam to utilise their extensive commercial acumen and industry experience to shape the economic and regional development of northern Tasmania.

Furthermore, the NTDC board acknowledges the contribution Adam Mostogl has made to the organisation in the role of Director – Digital Transformation. Adam’s business, Illuminate Education & Consulting, is growing from strength to strength and now requires him to spend a substantial amount of time interstate. He departs with our thanks and best wishes.