Media Release – Time to Back our Confidence!

The dramatic increase in business confidence in our regional economy, up to 70% (highest ever) from the previous 52% is building powerful expectations that our current economic upswing (2% annual growth) will continue.

NTDC’s view is that this can be achieved, but only with a greater focus on increasing both our exports and our working age population. These remain substantial challenges (total exports have been flat for 15 years and population growth has been averaging 0.4% for the last decade – both statistics are well below the level required for sustainable economic growth).

Regional unity, significant and effective investment from both the private and public sectors and a strong focus on population growth are the key regional leadership challenges which must be met in order for our current confidence to be fulfilled.




Contact: John Pitt Chair NTDC) 0417 310 490

Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation (NTDC) and its seven Council Members acknowledge that economic growth underpins regional prosperity, assists in driving quality job opportunities, and makes the region a more attractive place to live and engage in new business ventures. NTDC has been charged with creating conditions that will allow the region to achieve significant increases in employment, wages and economic growth over the next decade.