Media Release – Let’s Stay on the Export Wave!!

Whilst Tasmania’s increasing export activity, as reported in the July Deloitte Business Outlook, is a good sign for the State in general, we in Northern Tasmania need to do a lot more in the export sector if our region’s current uplift in economic activity is to be maintained and built upon.

The facts (as revealed by the recent report produced for NTDC by the National Institute for Economic and Industrial Research) are that:

□ Total exports ($5.3B in 2018) from Northern Tasmania have shown zero growth over the last 10 years

□ Total imports ($6.7B in 2018) to Northern Tasmania have grown by $700M over the same period

□ As a consequence, our annual trade deficit (read government dependency) has grown by $700M over the same period…. and therefore, now stands at $1.4B per year.

If we are to become more self-reliant as a region our net export performance must improve.

To achieve this, we have to continue to boost private and public sector investment in our exporting industries and their associated economic infrastructure …. and grow our population.



John Pitt, NTDC Chair is available for interviews.

Please contact: John Pitt Chair NTDC – – 0417 310 490


Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation (NTDC) and its seven Council Members acknowledge that economic growth underpins regional prosperity, assists in driving quality job opportunities, and makes the region a more attractive place to live and engage in new business ventures. NTDC has been charged with creating conditions that will allow the region to achieve significant increases in employment, wages and economic growth over the next decade.