Alice Kaushal


Northern Tasmania fast becoming a melting pot of international consultants who are attracted by its beauty, lifestyle and business-friendly offerings.

Alice Kaushal is one of such consultants.

Having first arrived Launceston in 1989 as a partner to a student, Alice set out to create a very robust social life and made herself comfortable.

Following the expansion of her Training consultancy, which is basically business training and coaching in leadership, etiquette, cross-cultural communication and advisory, Alice left Tasmania for a while, living and consulting in every continent and in various industries. She has featured in many news articles and TV interviews as a master of her craft.

However, in all her travels, she said,

” I always had Launceston in mind as my ideal base to operate from”

In her words, ” Northern Tasmania is the “Mediterranean” part of Tasmania.”

Upon her return to Launceston Alice has further cherished the convenience of ease of access to the Launceston airport.

” I travel a lot and so managing my time and flights is of great importance. I find that operating from Launceston means I can accomplish much more.”

Alice also praised Northern Tasmania for being safe and well-paced. She pointed out that contrary to what it seems, so much is going in the region and suggested that more publicity channels be harnessed to ensure more participation in business and communal activities.

As the managing director of Refining Consulting, Alice drawing from her experience in setting up and running a business advices new entrant to be aware of labour costs during their planning stages. She also suggested cross-cultural communication classes for new migrants from non-English speaking countries to foster assimilation.

Although very busy, Alice is one of the leaders of the Indian community here in Northern Tasmania. She is a contributor to a monthly column on etiquette for BBC Good Homes (India). In addition, she has had several articles on Business Etiquette and etiquette problem solving published by the South China Morning Post- Classified Post.

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