Alagu Murugan

Population growth in Northern Tasmania is mainly dependent on various categories of migrants, including skilled migrants, inter-state migrants, international students, etc.

Alagu has worn all the above hats at one time or the other as he built his life here in Australia.

Originally from India, he studied in Adelaide and upon completion of his studies, Alagu moved to the Northern Territory where he lived and worked for a few years and promptly obtained Australian citizenship upon fulfilling all the requirements.

As a highly skilled and experienced hospitality professional, Alagu’s expertise was sought after by the Quest Apartment Hotels in Launceston, and this job brought to Launceston.

Alagu and his family now live in Launceston and when asked what he likes about Launceston he said: “Launceston has a bit of everything.”

He commended how welcoming and friendly the people of Launceston and how there are so many recreation and community activities.

He also pointed to the comparatively low cost of living as a factor contributing to the enjoyment of life in Northern Tasmania. However, advocate for increased effort in the engagement of post-study international students in the region to harness the full benefits of their skills through gainful employment.

Alagu also suggested that entrepreneurs in food and beverage, hospitality and real estate should move to Northern Tasmania as the economy will favour such endeavours.

There you have it! Northern Tasmania is open for business!

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