Daniela Cavalletti

Many people are discovering the fantastic opportunities available in living a healthier life at a more well-paced culture. They are beginning to appreciate the ease of access to nature, the international reach and the cultural diversity afforded them by Northern Tasmania.

One of such people is Daniela Cavalletti. Born and raised in Germany, Daniela moved from London to Sydney in 2002. Daniela seized an opportunity in 2009 to start Cavalletti Communications: a content creation agency catering to the copywriting, book publishing, ghost-writing, editing and proofreading needs of business individuals, small to medium businesses (SMEs) and corporate clients.

After 16 years of living in ever-growing, crowded Sydney, Daniela, with her husband Roland, decided to relocate to Northern Tasmania. Leaving her already established social and business network was not an easy decision as she had to consider a place with a vibrant business community, fast internet, affordable housing and nature. Northern Tasmania was top of the list.

In 2018, Daniela and her partner moved to Launceston in Northern Tasmania – “and it has been a tremendously fortuitous decision, she says. Everything is Better in Launceston! “ as she likes to put it, creating a catchphrase that is music to local ears. The welcoming nature of Tasmanians, proximity to nature, and the high quality of life in Launceston continues to be a welcome change. Add to that affordable housing coupled with the ease of commuting – and living in Northern Tasmania is practically an enjoyable experience. Daniela also praises the generous nature of the people of Launceston in affording new migrants’ entry into their close-knit business and personal networks.

Since moving to Launceston, her company continues to perform well locally, nationally and internationally – resulting in her coining the catchy new slogan Going South is Good for Business ©.

Moreover, with Launceston Airport just 15 minutes away, she can easily catch a flight out of Tasmania and tend to her clients and projects personally as needed. Also, of course, clients, family and friends welcome the opportunity to visit her in the beautiful place she now proudly calls home.

The Launceston area is the largest urban centre in Northern Tasmania and its people, culture and landscape have made it the heart of Tasmania. You too can call it your home.

NTDC continues to collect case studies of people’s experiences in the region. If you are new to Northern Tasmania and want to share your experience, please write to edward@ntdc.org.au