Grace Walsh – Successful Ireland Migrant


Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Grace first came to Tasmania as a holiday visitor to spend some time with her partner Owen Powell who is a Tasmanian. She instantly loved the beautiful landscape, the climate and the comparatively stress-free pace of the region. 

Grace is well travelled and experienced in community work and was able to put her robust experience and skills to use in the Multicultural Council of Tasmania handling projects in Northern Tasmania among other community-focused activities. 

Grace considers herself “lucky to have a place that offers the kind of lifestyle that easily brings you closer to nature”.  

She praised Northern Tasmania as a region “where two friends can still find the time to stop and have a coffee together” and a place where the work-life balance is wholesome. 

This does not only refer to the region in general but refers particularly to the 289-acre farm, Oneira, where she resides with Owen. Together they rear cows, cultivate a small subsistent garden and generally optimize the farm in the eco-friendliest ways possible. “We can still spot the occasional quoll, Tasmanian devil and even the cockatoo on the farm,” Grace said, attesting to the rich and exotic wildlife of the region. 

On agri-business in Northern Tasmania, Grace says, “The region has the potential to be a major player in the domestic and international supply of farm produce.” 

Having called Tassie home, Grace set out to fully integrate herself with the workings of Tasmania by participating and graduating from the Tasmanian Leaders program which exposed her to the various aspects of the history and development of the region with a view to contributing to the socio-economic growth of the region by responsive leadership and inclusive networking. 

Grace sees a need for job creation in order to attract migrants and she also believes that inclusive business networks and clusters will encourage newly arrived immigrants with entrepreneurial mindsets to venture into businesses in the region. 

Both Grace and Owen are passionate about Tasmania and keen to see it evolve culturally and grow economically as is evident in their various community stimulating activities. 

No matter your experience or skillset. Northern Tasmania has a place for you to fit in comfortably and productively.