Roberto De Souza

Launceston is a city of diverse and varying employment opportunity and boasts a strong health industry. This became immediately evident to Roberto when he arrived in Northern Tasmania 15 years ago in 2004.

“The community welcomed me and my family with open hands”.

These were the words of Roberto De Souza as he sat down with Edward to discuss his experience so far in the region. Roberto had first heard of Australia from a friend during his university days in the United States who told about the wonderful climate, the food, lifestyle and family-friendly communities in Northern Tasmania. Originally from Brazil, Roberto sought to live in a place that was open to diverse cultures and had the necessary business environment for him to pursue his career and Tasmania seemed to fit that description.

“Northern Tasmania has many communities ready to take in immigrants,” he said, detailing how well received he and his family felt in their first few weeks in Launceston.
After his arrival in Launceston through a skilled immigration visa, he promptly found a job in his profession, as a Chiropractor and before long Roberto had set up his own practice and has since expanded in branches and offerings.

“Northern Tasmania has endless possibilities.”
Robert and his partner have built careers in two of the many career paths offered by the Northern Tasmanian healthcare industry.
His suggestion to the NTDC is to “get the word out” as Northern Tasmania will surely be attractive for anyone who knows about it.

If you are a new entrant to Northern Tasmania and you would like to share your story of settling down in the region, please write to Edward at