Chloe Dobson

Professional dancer Chloe Dobson was apprehensive about moving to an unknown city but has fallen in love with the beauty, lifestyle and community of Launceston in northern Tasmania.

Chloe and her partner started considering the move to Launceston in May 2018, after deciding to be close to her partner’s family. With the job offer came hesitations and fears that come with fresh starts and the unknown.

Chloe comes from an extensive background of dancing competitively, professionally and independently for 15+ years. She is the owner, creator, instructor and face of Bloom Barre which provides a positive and motivating space for everybody while focusing on safe and mindful movement.

Living here less than a year, Chloe successfully runs Bloom Barre in Launceston. Bloom Barre is a fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga. You can see more here

Chloe was concerned about moving to a small town but with time she has come to enjoy the beauty, lifestyle and community of Launceston.

Chloe’s advice to newcomers is: “Stick it out. Put yourself out there and meet people you may not naturally come across; you’ll see that Launceston (and Tasmania) has a lot to offer.”