Kenny Obamiro

When Kenny set out to further his education, he didn’t have permanent migration in mind. He had a job as a pharmacist in one of Nigeria’s biggest drugstore franchises and was happy to enrol in the local university (University of Lagos).

To his most enormous shock and disappointment, Kenny’s application was unsuccessful because of too many applicants and too few slots, and he had to wait indefinitely for a slot to open. The disappointment prompted Kenny to look outside the shores of Nigeria for a school that could supervise his research. He applied to schools in Europe, America and Australia and was happy to accept an offer from the University of Tasmania in Australia [UTAS].

Upon commencing his research in UTAS, Kenny became aware of how his skills and aspirations fit with the opportunities in Tasmania. He started to explore the possibility of staying back after his studies to contribute to the region. With the Tasmanian Migration nomination system he was able to get the points required to apply for permanent residency after his studies and now lives in Launceston where he works in the University of Tasmania as a lecturer in Rural Health. His research interests include rural health issues, public health (epidemiology and biostatistics), cardiovascular research and clinical pharmacy. Kenny also functions as a rural pharmacy liaison officer to support students on placement and improve collaboration between pharmacists, pharmacy students and the university community, and to promote professional development and networking opportunities as required.

There are quite a few stories like this that highlight the role the University of Tasmania is playing in countering the skills shortages in the greater Launceston area.

Edward said skilled workers like Kenny are welcome and contribute to the prosperity of the region.