[MEDIA RELEASE] Draft Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation has welcomed the government’s draft plan to make the state a global renewable energy powerhouse.

The state government’s Draft Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan aims for 100 per cent renewable energy in two years, double that capacity in 20 years, and be producing and exporting renewable hydrogen in the next decade.

NTDC chief executive Mark Baker said the production of green hydrogen energy at Bell Bay was a high priority for the region and one of the most exciting potential developments in recent years.

“The production and export of hydrogen made from 100 per cent renewable energy fits Tasmania’s narrative as a leader in clean, green energy and innovative industries,” Mr Baker said.

“Hydrogen energy production, coupled with the Marinus Project and Battery of the Nation, will see Tasmania be a leader in renewable energy.”

Mr Baker said Tasmania has a competitive advantage from its hydro and wind power and emerging renewables like ocean, geothermal and biomass resources.

“With the impact of COVID-19 on economies around the world, now is the perfect time to push ahead and solidify that competitive advantage.

“The potential of attracting major industries wanting to locate their business in environmentally sustainable locations can also not be underestimated.”

Mr Baker said it was pleasing to also note the potential social impacts of the draft plan, with projected jobs and skills and training initiatives.

“Economic development is the process by which communities become wealthier, healthier and smarter, with falling levels of disadvantage,” Mr Baker said.

“Plans that contribute to all those areas should be welcomed.”