Mauricio Aguirre

Originally from El Salvador, engineer Mauricio Aguirre lives and works in Northern Tasmania.

He moved to Tasmania as a student to learn more about maritime logistics and policy at the prestigious Australian Maritime College in Launceston.

Mauricio said at the time of moving, social problems were increasing in El Salvador, including crime rates.

“So, with my wife, we thought it would be a good idea to move as a family to a more peaceful place, where our daughter could walk freely on the streets, and I could specialise in maritime study areas that I like so much.”

Mauricio has since finished his studies and with the help of the university, now works with a shipping company.

On settling into the region, he said: “Of course, it has not been easy, the challenges have been there, but at the same time, overcoming them little by little has been gratifying. For example, as Latinos we like music, at first, our daughter missed her dance school, so we researched local schools and enrolled her in one, which she has felt very good at, and enjoys dancing tap and jazz with her new friends to such an extent that her group won first places at last year’s Launceston competitions, which has made her very happy.”

Mauricio and his family are examples of how Northern Tasmania is the region of choice for young families to thrive.

“We still have a long way to go, but we consider Tasmania to be an excellent place to establish ourselves fully, and pursue our dreams with the support of our new friends in Australia,” he said.
If you are new to Northern Tasmania or planning to make the move, please write to Edward Obi.