Encouraging Local Businesses To Advertise Vacancies

With no community transmission of COVID-19, Northern Tasmania has seen an increase in business confidence evidenced in the posting of more vacancies online.
NTDC knows finding meaningful jobs is one of the catalysts for retaining skilled workers in Northern Tasmania, which is why we use our social media site to highlight available jobs in the region. See: https://www.facebook.com/NorthTasJobs/

Popular recruitment website SEEK.com has reported its billings have improved from minus 70 percent in April 2020 (compared to April 2019) to minus 40-50 percent in May 2020 (compared to May 2020).
NTDC is, therefore, using this medium to encourage more local businesses to advertise their vacancies online in addition to the usual word of mouth and print methods. This will give companies a broader and more robust pool of skilled workers from which to make their selection.

Evidence supported by the Commonwealth Employment’s data based on Launceston employers is that 50 percent of highly skilled jobs require the applicant to ‘know or be known’ by the employer.

James Gathercole, who landed a job at Neil Pitt’s Menswear Shop, had this to say on the advantage of advertising:
“I can’t stress how lucky I am to get a job during the pandemic, and this wouldn’t be possible if Neil Pitt’s had searched for staff by word of mouth alone.”
James is originally from Western Australia and is skilled in graphic design and menswear sales.

“This is especially so since a lack of applicants has been noted as a major complaint by businesses,” Mr Obi said.

Therefore, advertising all available jobs online, via recruitment firms and on print media will reverse the trend on the above stats and give more opportunities to workers in Northern Tasmania.