Anh Woodward

Anh on the left

Anh Woodward moved to Northern Tasmania with her partner from the UK a few years ago. After observing the business climate for a while, in 2019 she started her own boutique fashion business in the Launceston CBD.
Anh has a Degree in fashion/textile from Winchester School of Art & Design, England with more than 25 years dedicated to producing innovative bridal couture. Anh has also been involved as judge for Miss England competition and represented England in the Miss World Designer Award competition at the Miss World 60th Anniversary.
Her business was an instant success with clients coming in for bespoke bridal wear, evening wear and alterations. Her friendliness and professionalism endeared her to many.
However, the pandemic struck with devastating effects on the wedding industry. The restrictions that followed with social distancing, ended all formal and social gatherings. According to Anh, “Our business dropped to zero percent profit while still paying rent!”
Anh didn’t rest on her oars during the lockdown. She went back to the drawing board and learned new ways to revive her business and make it resilient.
“During lockdown I have learned new skills to try to rescue my business,” she said. “Using social media I developed my own website to showcase my products. MaoCouture will be launching our first ready to wear fashion collection in October2020. Designed and made in Tasmania!” (
Anh has also taken advantage of the information and financial support facilities from the government to reopen her business.
Edward Obi, NTDC’s population program manager, praised Anh’s resourcefulness. “Anh has shown how a positive response to change can change a situation for the better,” he said.

If you are new to Northern Tasmania or planning to make the move, please write to Edward Obi.