Networking Tips for Job Seekers / Renee Saward

One drawback of the pandemic is the restriction on gatherings and social events. The consequence was a scarcity of avenues for networking for job seekers. Fortunately, there is the internet to help keep people in touch. Northern Tasmania has the advantage of a robust NBN rollout that has made it the region of choice in remote working and internet availability. Below are three tips to help you continue networking throughout the COVID-19 recovery period:

  1. Attend virtual events/forums: The explosion of virtual events this year is an advantage you can put to fair use. Search for events in your area of interest and register for them. Some of these events use video conferencing technology so you should be at your best to make a good impression and form new connections.
  2. Create a cohesive and exciting online presence: Your social media accounts may need updating and optimisation. Make sure your LinkedIn and other networking profiles are up to date for recruiters, potential employers, colleagues and friends. Endeavour to secure at least four recommendations on LinkedIn. Update your profile photos and make an overall effort to represent yourself professionally online.
  3. Step out and stay safe: Northern Tasmania has had many restrictions rolled back, and this has made it possible for some events to take place under strict COVID safe rules. Take advantage of the available events and attend the traditional networking meetups while adhering to hygiene and social distancing rules.

These times call for healthier communities and better networks for businesses and job seekers alike.
Renee Saward, a Launceston resident, exemplifies the importance of networking in landing jobs. She recently landed a job as a barista in a local cafe here in Launceston, and she got the job by the referral of a friend.
Renee said: ” I put myself out there in a friendly and approachable way”.
She also has an engaging online presence as she captures her journey in appreciating the variety of food and restaurants in Launceston. You can follow her journey on
Renee’s advice for job seekers during the pandemic is: “Take the opportunity in front of you even if it’s not perfect.”
Edward Obi, NTDC’s Population Program Manager, agrees with Renee.
“Taking up available jobs is about getting a foot in the door. As the economy continues to recover, the ideal opportunity will turn up.”

If you are new to Northern Tasmania or planning to make the move, please write to Edward Obi.