Sinem Celik

Northern Tasmania has continued to attract people from around the world and around Australia. Sinem Celik is an excellent example of how the region is the best place to live, work and play.
Originally from Turkey Sinem moved to Launceston from Brisbane in 2017, to continue her PhD in Australian Maritime College (AMC).

She said, “Since then, I’ve enjoyed living in this cheeky Island.”
For Sinem, choosing to move to Launceston was only because of the Australian Maritime College. However, after she arrived, she began to appreciate other aspects of the region such as the food, liveability, the easy access nature and the people.

According to Sinem: “When I look at the past four years spent here, I feel fortunate and very grateful for the circumstances that brought me here. I finished my PhD in maritime economics in April 2020 from AMC and started a position at Tasports as a Property Analyst in September 2020.”

Sinem has credited her wonderful experience in Northern Tasmania to the great community she found herself and the friends she made along the way.
She said “I met a lot of encouraging people to guide me to find the correct pathway in my career; Edward is one of them. I cannot thank him enough for his guidance.”
“I think the most charming part of this island is that it is full of life if you know how to look.”

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