Alicia Cook


Why Move to Northern Tasmania?

Northern Tasmania is increasingly attracting young families and people who can work flexibly or remotely. This is mostly because of the lifestyle, low cost of housing, and the clean natural environment the region has to offer.

Alicia Cook is one such example of newly-arrived residents to Northern Tasmania, having made the move with her son at the start of the year from Sydney, New South Wales.

Alicia is a health management consultant and saw Launceston as a compelling location to headquarter her business – which was built to offer staff cloud-based collaboration and flexible working options.

When planning her move from Sydney, she shortlisted Launceston because of NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and the short traveling time to the airport with direct flights to Sydney. From a personal perspective, the decision was made after she saw the affordable, quality housing and the excellent choice of public and private schools. Visits to a few farmers markets and a weekend at the Evandale Penny Farthing National Championships clinched the deal.

Once she had finally made the decision to move – which she said was bittersweet because of her existing connections in Sydney – things happened quite quickly. The decision was quickly reinforced when the city’s air quality declined significantly following the bush fires in late 2019.

Speaking about Northern Tasmania, Alicia said: “I’m living what would be a million-dollar Sydney lifestyle for a fraction of the price. We have an amazing life here with easy access to nature and business is better than when we were living in Sydney. It might be attributable in part to the extra hours I gained in the day because I don’t commute for hours on end anymore!”

When asked for her advice for other families thinking about moving to Northern Tasmania Alicia said:

“Have realistic expectations about how long it might take you to settle in and be mindful of the reasons you had for moving to Northern Tasmania – every day I look at the mountains and remember why we chose to come here.”

Alicia’s favourite place to visit with her son so far has been the Miss-a-sippy Café in Grindelwald.

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