Linda Wells

Linda lived in the mid-north coast of NSW and loved the beach life and fantastic community there for more than 12 years. However, she is originally from New Zealand and used to think about cooler climates and places without humidity and sub-tropical rain, so she flipped a coin: NZ or Tasmania? Tasmania won, and she moved to the East Coast.

“I have found the culture remarkable, and people are so friendly, the crystal white sand on the beaches, the colour of the ocean, the temperature, the air, the sky – I love it all,” Linda said.

“I also love the 100km/h speed zone signs on the East Coast where I live – they have a smiley face graffiti on them, which sums up the culture for me.”

Linda founded the business e-RAW. She offers online courses and face-to-face workplace well-being sessions for healthy eating in the workplace. She delivers virtual workshops with teams to show them ingredients in ultra-processed foods and pivot towards fresh produce. Her workshops have a global client base.

Linda exemplifies how Northern Tasmania can support a quality local lifestyle with a global impact and advised people looking to relocate explore the region before buying.

“Don’t be too impulsive; there are many, many, many lovely places and real estate in Tasmania. Plus, upgrade your smartphone’s storage, as just one day out in mother nature in Tasmania will create 100+ photos!”

Linda’s favourite place to go to is the Humbug Point conservation area near Binalong Bay.

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