Xue Agnes Tian


Northern Tasmania has recently seen an increase in the retention of skilled. One definite reason for this welcome trend is the ability of international students to land meaningful jobs and settle into a welcoming community.


Xue Agnes Tian is an example of a skilled migrant who settled into life in the region. Agnes shared her experience in living in Northern Tasmania in the below interview.


Where do you work, and what do you do?

I work with the University of Tasmania as a Research Assistant.


Why did you move to Northern Tasmania?

I came to Launceston to study Information and Communication Technology at the University of Tasmania in 2018 and I’ve been here since.


How are you dealing with the life you left behind?

I have continued communicating with my family and friends via video; at the same time, I have made new friends in Launceston.


How would you describe living here?

The two years of study and life in Launceston have been delightful and fulfilling! I met a group of like-minded classmates when I came here, which helped me quickly through the culture shock.


Did you find the community welcoming?

The people in the community are accommodating. The school administrators and dormitory managers helped me solve many problems. Some friends from the church allowed me to practice English.


What would your advice be to anyone thinking of moving to Northern Tasmania?

I recommend others to come to Northern Tasmania. There is an excellent learning atmosphere and language environment for students, which can quickly improve your English ability. For employees, there is relatively little competitive pressure here, and it is easier to achieve a work-life balance.


Favourite things do or places you visit in Northern Tasmania?

Launceston has a beautiful natural environment. My friends and I often go fishing, hiking and BBQ together.


What could have made your settlement experience better or faster?

If I can socialise more and get to know more people in the community, it will make my settlement better.


Edward Obi supports highly skilled jobseekers to access the relevant networks and jobs in the region. He also collects case studies of successfully settled migrants in the region. You can contact Edward on edward@ntdc.org.au