Olufemi Kolawole



What would your advice be to anyone thinking of moving to Northern Tasmania?

“Why wait? There is no better time to move than now. I am a follower of a group on Facebook, called, “That’s it! I’m moving to Tassie. It is very exciting to see people share photos of beautiful plaaces around our community, and how much they love and enjoy living in Northern Tasmania. Since COVID hit, many people have also considered moving to Northern Tasmania. Government’s response and management of this pandemic is very commendable, and we have been very lucky not to have been locked down like many other Mainland states. This is another reason why we are experiencing such increase. I hope we will all keep doing the right thing as we’ve always done by making sure we check in wherever we visit, keep our distance, and follow all other protocols put in place by the Public Health.”


Edward Obi supports highly skilled jobseekers to access the relevant networks and jobs in the region. He also collects case studies of successfully settled migrants in the region. You can contact Edward on edward@ntdc.org.au

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