Shreyat Ashara


Community services is one of the fastest-growing job sectors in Northern Tasmania, and many job seekers have taken advantage of the opportunities to grow their careers in that sector.

Shrey moved from Hobart to Launceston with a determination to make the most of what the community services sector had to offer in the region, and he was not disappointed. In less than a year, Shrey has built a robust profile in the industry and is now looking to set up his own company.

Edward provided initial job coaching and networking support for Shrey and is ecstatic about the positive feedback. Below are the interview highlights:


Where do you work, and what do you do?

I am self-employed, working as an individual Support Service Provider. I am supporting vulnerable clients who are registered participants of NDIS and my aged care.

Would you please describe the reasons and process you went through in choosing to move to Northern Tasmania?

I like the calmness, just like my hometown Nadiad Gujarat, India. And I found it in Launceston but not in Hobart.

There are lovely, beautiful small towns in Northern Tasmania, and job opportunities abound in my field of interest: community services.

Also, two of my close friends secured jobs here in the Launceston area. One got a permanent contract as dental assistant, and the other guaranteed a casual full-time contract in Horticulture.

Their positive feedback about the North helped me decide to move.

How are you dealing with the life you left behind (Friends/Family)?

I make new friends daily. Moreover, I am lucky to have my best friends in Launceston, which fills up my family members’ space. I do miss my parents a lot, but technology helps in decreasing the distance between us.

How would you describe living here?

Living here feels like living in my hometown. Able to explore nature to the fullest, enjoying simple living and surrounding good people.

Did you find the community welcoming? 

The community here is very welcoming and helpful. The community here actually cares for you. By saying cares for you, they are looking after their community members and help around neighbours. For example, I am a volunteer coordinator for the Italian Day Centre’s “Meals on the Wheels” program. My job duties include providing listed meals to the respective vulnerable people living in the nearby suburbs of Launceston. During my journey as a volunteer coordinator, I have not seen a single day where I don’t get treated to homemade banana bread or a hot pie, or a piece of cake or just fresh juice. Who does that, right? I had never seen such warmness among the community back when I was living on the mainland. The people here are very kind to each other.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of moving to Northern Tasmania?

If you are looking for simple living on nature’s lap, then choose Northern Tasmania. If you want to be involved with the community and explore a new adventurous place, Launie is the place.

On the other side, there are a few cons, such as getting a rental due to high demand. But that can be overcome with networking and getting assistance from real estate agencies.

What is your favourite thing, to do or place to visit in Northern Tasmania?

My favourite thing to do in Launceston is walking around Cataract Gorge Reserve. The whole walk is around 6.5 km, and I often do that when I have spare time from work. My record is 42 minutes to complete the entire hike! I do challenge my friends to beat me.

What could have made your settlement journey better or faster?

I have enjoyed every aspect of my settlement journey so far, and I look forward to achieving all my set goals. My only regret is that I didn’t arrive here sooner.


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