NTDC Welcomes Marnius Link Decision

Marinus Link Opportunities for Northern Tasmania

The Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation has welcomed Tuesday’s Marinus Link joint funding announcement by the Albanese and Rockliff governments.

NTDC Chief Executive Officer Karina Dambergs said today the renewable energy investment project would benefit all of Tasmania, including the Northern region, by underpinning the proposed Bell Bay green hydrogen export project.

“This is great news. The NTDC recognised the benefits of the green hydrogen project and included it in our Regional Priority Projects paper released in January this year,” Ms Dambergs said.

“With major international markets signalling the decarbonisation of their economies over the coming decade, there is an immense opportunity for green energy exports, and Tasmania is perfectly placed to make the most of this once-in-a-generation chance.”

Marinus Link CEO Bess Clark and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the Marinus Link announcement
Marinus Link CEO Bess Clark with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese | Marinus Link

Ms Dambergs said the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone is perfectly placed to become the hub of hydrogen energy production with its access to deep-water ports, transmission infrastructure and road networks.

“Yesterday’s announcement gives this project a real chance to become a reality,” she said.

“This will bring substantial investment and new jobs to our region,” Ms Dambergs said.

Ms Dambergs said the NTDC’s Regional Priority Projects list contained a mixture of health and well-being, built infrastructure, skills and jobs development and initiatives that capitalised on the region’s competitive advantages.

“Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s announcement yesterday underlines the utmost importance of taking a collaborative regional approach to identify infrastructure project priorities that benefit not only the whole region but the whole state,” she said.

“Instead of each municipality doing their own thing, we support each other and advocate for funding for the whole region,” she said.


More Information

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