Northern Tasmanian Federal Budget Response

2022 – 23 Federal Budget Response

The Albanese Government delivered its first federal budget last night, and NTDC welcomes the commitment to the election promises for Northern Tasmania and critical projects that will help Tasmanians thrive.

The budget commits $35 million to the Northern TransLink project in the Northern Midlands, one of the region’s priority projects. TransLink is a vital distribution point for goods and services in Northern Tasmania. Investment to further develop this area and construct an intermodal transport facility will strengthen the North’s access to interstate and overseas markets.

The Australian Government is providing the Launceston City Deal funding of $14 million in 2022-23 and $39.1 million over three years. This commitment supports projects in Launceston to improve liveability and innovation, increasing incomes and reducing levels of disadvantage. This includes funding to reduce pollution and improve the health of the kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary, an emerging priority project for the region.

LINE Hydrogen Pty Ltd will receive $5.5 million in funding for its George Town green hydrogen heavy transport project. Along with last week’s commitment to the Marinus Link Project, the budget plus the recently confirmed APA acquisition of Basslink ignites Tasmania’s opportunity to be the Battery of the Nation and capitalise on our renewable energy opportunities. With increasing national and global competition in green hydrogen and renewable energy projects, Northern Tasmania must capitalise on these opportunities promptly.

Other Northern Tasmanian projects to receive budget commitments highlight the competitive advantages of our region in health, agriculture and manufacturing, and they include:

  • $20.6 million over four years from 2022–23 to establish a new cancer support pilot program at the W.P. Holman Clinic and to support the construction of a new hospice, located within the Launceston General Hospital Precinct, to improve palliative care in northern Tasmania
  • $4.0 million over five years from 2023–24 to develop a medical research centre within the Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania
  • $6.1 million to upgrade the Waverley Wool Mills in Tasmania

It is essential to acknowledge that this federal budget is delivered at a time when Australians, and Northern Tasmanians, are facing increasing challenges, including cost-of-living pressures, housing affordability and availability issues, supply chain disruptions, high inflation, a global economic slowdown and natural disasters, including the recent floods in Northern Tasmania.

The NTDC Team will continue to advocate for policies and projects that sustainably increase gross regional product and create jobs for Northern Tasmanians whilst also growing real wages.

NTDC would also like to acknowledge the more than 50 regional stakeholders, including our member councils, who worked collaboratively to create the Regional Priority Project list. We look forward to continuing to work together to navigate a sustainable future for Northern Tasmania.

Australian Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers delivers the Albanese Government's first budget
Image from the Townsville Bulletin