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Community Survey open until 20 February 2023

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Community members from the municipalities of Launceston, George Town, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar are invited to share their ideas and aspirations for the region’s future through a new online survey.

The survey will gather a broad cross-section of information, including what the community values about where they live and their priorities for the future across the areas of housing, employment opportunities, environment, transport and social connectedness.

The survey is part of a broader project being led by Professor Roberta Ryan at the University of Newcastle’s Institute for Regional Futures to inform the long-term planning and management of the region. Professor Ryan was appointed by the five councils in the region and the Northern Tasmania Development Corporation (NTDC).

NTDC CEO, Karina Dambergs, said broad input on the region’s future was vital to ensuring local councils’ plans were in lockstep with the aspirations of the communities they serve.

“We are asking our communities to invest some time today to help make a difference for all of our futures.”

The survey is open to members of the community aged 18 and over. It is confidential and should take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey closes on 20 February 2023. To take part in the survey, please visit the survey here.

More Information:

Access the survey: https://uninewcastle.questionpro.com.au/GLPcommunitysurvey

Download this Media Release: Media Release Have your say on the future of Greater Launceston 20221219

Read More About the Greater Launceston Plan: https://www.launceston.tas.gov.au/Council/Strategies-and-Reports/Greater-Launceston-Plan

For Further Comments, Contact:

Karina Dambergs, Chief Executive Officer

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation

E: karina@ntdc.org.au M: 0417 660 452


Kate Timmins, Communications and Engagement Assistant

Institute for Regional Futures, University of Newcastle
E: kate.timmins@newcastle.edu.au T: 02 4033 9453