Project Submissions are now closed. The next step in the process of developing the 2021 Northern Tasmania Regional Priority Projects advocacy list is our Regional Collaboration Forum #3 on 20th September 2023. If you would like to join us, please RSVP here.

Regional Priority Project

Following a successful regional collaboration forum (RCF) in 2021, NTDC worked with our partners to identify the 2021 Northern Tasmania Regional Priority Projects advocacy list. 

This list was a success for the region, with projects funded, channelling millions of dollars into much needed funds for regionally significant and impactful projects.

It is now time for us to update this list. NTDC facilitated the second Regional Collaboration Forum in May this year to review our focus areas for economic growth. These focus areas were:

  • Renewable Energy. Leveraging our opportunities around Tasmania’s investment in renewable energy and decarbonization;
  • Building Liveability. Enhancing our liveability and acknowledging the role this plays in population attraction and retention;
  • Improving Educational Outcomes. Growth in regional productivity and prosperity is fundamentally linked to educational outcomes;
  • Healthy Communities. Noting this plays a significant role in the region’s economic productivity; and
  • Building our Brand. Capitalising on our environmental strengths to grow our region’s export incomes.

If your organisation has a project that can significantly contribute to the region’s prosperity, liveability and opportunity, either within or outside these priority areas, we’d love to hear about it. Alignment to the Northern Tasmania’s Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) will also be important. The REDS can be found here – Regional Economic Development Strategy.


You are invited to submit projects of regional significance to form part of the Northern Tasmanian Priority Projects 2023. Submissions will be considered through a consultative and transparent process, detailed below.

To be considered a priority, projects will need to provide a sizeable and direct impact and flow-on impacts for the region in terms of:

  • Building prosperity;
  • Improving well-being and social outcomes;
  • Contributing to the culture of the North;
  • Contributing to the health of the environment; and/or
  • Contributing to the Northern Tasmania and Tasmanian Brand.

Additionally, projects will need to be:

  • Clearly articulated with a clear rationale for development;
  • Viable;
  • Achievable;
  • Supported by partners
  • Well consulted
  • Strategically aligned with existing regional strategies, plans, programs and initiatives, and
  • Able to leverage existing work and investment


The Process:

  1. Project submission. Complete the Project information template below. Submissions close on 16 August 2023. You may submit more than one project.
  2.  Screening for regional significance and benefit. NTDC will convene an independent expert review panel to evaluate projects according to the criteria indicated above. The Panel may request additional information. All projects deemed to be regionally significant by the Panel will be included in the priority list as regional, emerging and/or local priority projects.
  3. Presentations of significant projects. Proponents identified as regionally significant projects will be invited to make a short presentation at the next Regional Collaboration Forum in September 2023. NTDC will require a concise, two minute project presentation Microsoft PowerPoint file one week prior to the Forum date.
  4. Forum review and feedback. At the Forum, participants will be invited to provide anonymous and confidential feedback on the projects presented, to assist with final evaluation and prioritisation of projects.
  5. Final list determination. The expert review panel will review that feedback and make a final determination on what project will form part of NTDC’s updated Northern Tasmania Regional Priority Projects 2023. 


NTDC acknowledges that project information may be sensitive and confidential and will not disclose any information contained in this submission, other than what may already be publicly known, beyond the staff and board of NTDC Ltd and the independent assessment panel without prior approval.

Submission Closed. For assistance, please contact