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About Northern Tasmania Development Corporation

NTDC is funded by seven Council Members, City of Launceston, Northern Midlands, Meander Valley, Flinders, Break O’Day, George Town and West Tamar to facilitate significant improvement in prosperity in the North and North-East Tasmania. The seven Council Members established the newly reformed regional economic development agency (NTDC) in February 2017 to achieve the targets set out in the Northern Regional Futures Framework and are committed to move to a new era of collaborative, innovative and sustainable economic growth in the region.

NTDC is tasked with validating and actioning the valuable strategic planning work that has been undertaken in recent years to underpin effective and sustainable economic transition in Northern and North-East Tasmania whilst continuing to place the importance of education and health in our communities. This means finding ways to continually boost economic output, increase investment, create more jobs, and to raise average wage levels.

By 2026 NTDC’s goals are;

50% increase in GRP | 8000 new jobs | $100 per week increase in average weekly wage

To do this, the NTDC team will be pursuing a strategic and proactive role in identifying regional priorities and undertaking strong advocacy and collaboration with business, the community and the three tiers of government with the objective of significantly improving the prosperity of our region. Our shared vision and projects will have an emphasis on distinct regional ‘community attributes’ being; Start Ups & Entrepreneurship, Health Products & Services, Educations Services, Health: Wellness for Longer, Education: Learning Region & innovation. An essential element of our vision is;

“encouraging cultural change to attract key people to the cause and build a strong common purpose, confidence and social license.”

The NTDC team is supported by the appointed NTDC Board who hold a diversity of experience and industry focus and is representative of competitive manufacturing, tourism, food and agribusiness, entrepreneurship, education and health.

The Focus of Northern Tasmania Development Corporation


To encourage the expansion of current businesses and the attraction of new businesses (and investment capital) to the region whilst being outcome focused and doing what we say we will do.


To advocate the need for regional economic growth and the benefits that flow from it. By supporting and advocating for the most important enabling infrastructure projects


To encourage businesses to aspire to growth with providing targeted services in areas where a possible difference has been identified – especially those in high growth/high value sectors.

Facilitation & Coordination

To link businesses with growth potential to government programs and facilitate the skill development requirements across all priority sectors.  To support projects aligned to our regional strengths wherever possible to progress and succeed.  NTDC’s role is to contribute and encourage a unified regional leadership, through co-operation and co-production with our members, Stakeholders and Government agencies.

Progress Monitoring & Reporting

To track progress in our region. To encourage the celebration off success and identify the gaps where improvements can be made.  To regularly inform our members of progress and provide, members and the business community with access to robust data and evidence.

Strategic Prioritisation

To strategically prioritise economic development focus through consulting with the 7 funding member councils in the northern region. To ensure a transparent approach and methodology to everything we do, for the benefit of the region.

Northern Tasmania Investment Taskforce

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation, (NTDC), has been charged with improving our regional economy, jobs and take-home pay by working collaboratively with stakeholders. One of our biggest challenges in the region is ensuring the private sector/business can secure the finances they need to expand a business or a new project. To help business and project proponents locate the right finance options for their circumstances NTDC have established an Investment Taskforce.

Regional Economic Development Strategy

The Regional Economic Development Strategy Program (commonly referred to as the REDS Program) aims to provide a shared understanding of where future economic and jobs growth will come from. This knowledge will be instrumental for sustainable growth, driving private and government investment into the region and improve planning strategies for each of Northern Tasmania’s municipalities to not only be competitive within our state and nationally, but on the world stage

Regional Modelling Data

To provide a consistent set of metrics across our region, NTDC has coordinated with Economy .id to develop a regional hub for Northern Tasmania data. Available for businesses, councils, event organisers and other stakeholders to use, it helps to evaluate economic value of new projects and the prioritisation of support accordingly.

Business Support In Northern Tasmania

There are incredible opportunities in our region for new businesses to start, relocate to our region or become more stable into the future – and numerous service providers who can provide assistance. NTDC has developed an interactive resource to help businesses connect with these services to continue growing economic opportunities in our region.

Population Attraction Profiles

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Chief Executive Officer

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Administration and Communications Assistant

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